Me Before You – Book Review

me before you


5 stars

“Me Before You is like TFIOS and you loved that!!”
It is not like The Fault in Our Stars. But I loved it anyway.

How can something that crushes your soul and makes you cry be something that you love?

Me Before You is funny and sweet and charming and sad and devastating but still so beautiful. I laughed and I cried and I giggled and stayed up till 1 because this book is wonderful.

Will Traynor is a quadriplegic, Louisa Clark is his carer. They fall in love, bet no one saw that coming hahaha. Lou is hired by Will’s mother for six months, she signs her contract because she was in dire need of the money. She gets herself into something she hadn’t expected in the slightest…

The story is told primarily from Louisa’s point of view but has a few chapters weaved in, narrated by important people in both their lives, to provide clarity on certain issues. Louisa is a brilliant narrator, she has a very dry sense of humour which made me chuckle several times. She’s quirky and awkward, and makes tense situations lighter. Despite all of this, she merely exists but doesn’t live.

Will, on the other hand, was quite the adventurer back when he could move as he pleased. He liked things to be fast paced and fluid but unfortunately, post accident was forced to confinement of his wheelchair. He’s incredibly stubborn and reluctant to go out of the house because he feels it pointless if he can’t experience anything like he once could.

From strained conversations to witty banter to proclamations of love, Lou and Will go a long way through the story. They go from strangers to best friends to lovers, which is unique because of the absence of insta-love. Both of them evolve through the story. Lou teaches Will to live happily despite his handicap and Will teaches Lou to live, period. They are both different in many ways but learn from their differences and become one unit.

Though romance is the predominant theme in this story, familial relations and friendships form a very important part. Lou’s family is chaotic and bitter in the start, but change and become more accepting and happier. Will’s family is messy and relations between his parents are strained, his sister is very bitter. In spite of the cold shoulders, both families want the best for their respective children.

The tone of this book is very similar to that of The Fault in Our Stars. They’re both bittersweet and funny with a tinge of romance, lighthearted amidst serious situations and very heartwarming and tear jerking.

(Slight spoilers ahead)

The most frustrating part of the book, and I knew it was coming, was that Will was so surrendering to his fate and was so welcoming to the idea of his death. The six months he spent with Louisa, which he claimed to be the best six of his life, were not sufficient for him to change his mind. I wish he gave her, and them as a relationship, more of a chance. In committing suicide, I felt he was being selfish. He could have tried, hung on just a little longer, see whether life with Louisa made the weight of his handicap lighter.

I know there’s a sequel, and I’ve read the first chapter, might continue on with it later, but it’s not going to be the same. Because of MBF’s fabulous writing, it’s definitely going to be worth reading, I’m just not over Will.

I’m definitely checking out more of Moyes’ writing. Undoubtedly one of the best books I have ever read. I’m so excited for the movie! Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin will be perfecttt.

Check out Me Before You here.




Guest review contributed by Guest review contributed by Confessions of a Bibliophile. This blogger is a self-proclaimed bibliophile and has been blogging since the 5th grade. In her bio she has recently quit quitting.

2 thoughts on “Me Before You – Book Review”

  1. Nice review. I read and loved this book as well. I read the first third of the next book and stopped. It was not for me, although it has received a lot of positive reviews.


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