Unavoidable – Book Review


Unavoidable is Part 1 of the Royal Affair trilogy.

It’s not very often that a book has me squeaking and hugging myself with glee while reading it, a huge sappy smile on my face as I savour every delicious page.

Unavoidable is that book. Everything about it is fantastic; I found myself rooting for Princess Lucy from the very first page, from her obvious unhappiness at the role she is trapped in by her birthright, to her desire to be more than just the figurehead role for her people.

Dylan Walder’s just a bike courier, but he has a heart as big as the sun. How could Lucy NOT fall for him? Even though they get off to a dreadful start, the sparks of attraction are obvious from the first moment, and by the end of the book… well, I won’t spoil it for you, but suffice it to say that Lucy’s not nearly as innocent and sheltered as she was at the beginning WINK WINK.

Unavoidable is a fabulous debut from Amelia Rockwell and I am SUPER excited for Unsuitable, the next part of the trilogy!

Five VERY well deserved stars!

Check out Unavoidable here.

Guest review contributed by Caitlyn LynchWant an honest reviewer? You’ve got it. Caitlyn tells it like it is in her book reviews.

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